About Us

TIME was formed in 2003 to deliver experienced and focussed senior level resources to directly assist organisations in achieving their objectives. We offer a service where the contracts are simple, the relationships trusted, people respected and the effort would be spent on getting the job done.

We have a simple philosophy - we do everything we can to say “YES!”. TIME was founded and is managed by people who held senior director roles in large international corporations. Managing, Finance, Commercial and Operations Directors who understand the often frustrating challenges and difficulties associated with large international organisations.

Today we operate in the UK defence, aerospace, government and construction sectors and are based in London. We assist our clients with some of their most strategic and challenging projects. Our interim managers operate at senior management and director level and we are frequently congratulated for our delivery performance.

Our portfolio of skills has expanded to cover most disciplines required by large project based organisations. We are proud of our no-nonsense, common-sense approach. We are proud of the Interim Managers we have assembled and perhaps most importantly we are proud of the achievements we have accomplished for our clients.