Frequently Asked Questions

New clients are often unsure of the benefits of Interim Managers and how TIME is prepared to work with them to deliver objectives. We have selected some of the more frequently asked questions, but please feel free to contact us and ask your own.

What are the contract durations?  As long or as short as you require. Largely dependent on the nature of the assignment or project.

What is the notice period?  One month.

What is included in the fee?  A daily rate regardless of actual hours worked, we do not charge for reasonable overtime. Travel expenses to and from the agreed place of work. The services of a dedicated TIME Account Manager who will oversee the assignment and conduct regular progress reviews and make live recommendations.

How flexible are you?  Totally, our business is committed to delivering your objectives, we understand this often involves changing at short notice and we will do our utmost to do this.

Why should I use TIME?  We are a personal company that treats our clients as individuals. You can be assured of not only adding senior resources to your organisation when you need it, but also of working with people who understand the challenges and will take their fair share of ownership and delivery.