For clients

TIME provides you high quality senior level resource as when you need it.

Our approach allows us to develop long terms relationships with both clients and contractors putting us in a great position to create the perfect match.

Whatever sector you are in, you will get a practical, experienced approach to providing the right expertise for your organisation. We can also offer security cleared contractors if required.



An interim manager is an ideal way to fill a critical role at your organisation on short notice or a temporary basis with proven expertise.

Interim managers are focused on delivering the project assigned, hands-on and have external perspective and experience which can be incredibly valuable.

Your interim manager will blend into and often mentor your organisation, whilst maintaining a broad perspective and concentrating on their objective.

Typical scenerios

  • Additional senior resources are needed for a strategic change or project
  • A reliable solution is needed whilst a permanent resource is found
  • A replacement for the temporary absence of senior member of your team
  • Meeting client needs during periods of rapid growth
  • Temporary relief of increased workload of a senior member of staff

Benefits from using interim managers include:

  • Able to be brought in at short notice without the need for long term commitments
  • Ability to focus on time critical projects without distraction often experienced by permanent members of staff
  • Wealth of relevant experience and an outside perspective to challenging projects
  • They often mentor current team members, transferring useful skills and expertise which develop individuals own capabilities
  • No impact on permanent head count
  • Cost effective and flexible short term solution

If you want to know if an Interim Manager is right for you, call 0207 127 6560 or email


TIME do the hard work for you. And when you get in touch, you know we will find the right manager for your needs addressing both the role and organisational fit.

TIME Interim Managers are:

  • Known for their ability to understand, plan and deliver
  • Matched to your specific requirements, both professionally and personally
  • Trusted, responsible and pro-active who values integrity
  • Able to mentor and lead by example
  • Focused and dedicated on implementing a solution to deliver the desired change
  • Value for money, when compared with the full costs associated with employing comparable full-time staff

What will you get from TIME?

  • A skilled senior interim manager or board level executive to fill an urgent requirement
  • An open discussion about your requirements and clarity on needs
  • Flexible and straightforward approach
  • Shortlist of selected individuals or a team, specifically chosen to deliver agreed objectives and provide a cultural fit
  • Regular progress assessments
  • Depending on the requirement, the option of a fixed day rate or “risk transfer and reward” contract


As well as specialist experience in key sectors, our interim managers have experience in key disciplines where interim support is often needed including:











Over the years, we’ve built an extensive network of professionals who are experts in their field; and many of whom have completed multiple assignments through Time, some internationally based.
TIME provide contract recruitment solutions across the following sectors:


TIME Interim Management Executives for energy industry

Clean Technology, Nuclear and Fossil Fuel


TIME Interim Management Executives for defence industry

Land, Sea and Air Domains


TIME Interim Management Executives for infrastructure industry

Transport, Energy, Communications and Construction


TIME Interim Management Excutives for Airline Airbus Industry

Aerospace, Rail and Road


Time Interim Executives Government Sector

MOD, Work & Pensions, Transport, Environment, BEIS, DCLG


It is important that your relationship with us is as straightforward and problem free as possible. To ensure this we use our TIME proven process:

Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated TIME account manager who will ensure the service you receive meets your specific requirements and timescales.

This guarantees you a professional and personal service with someone who gets to know your organisational needs and culture, ensuring each assignment has the best chance for success.


  1. Understanding your short and long term objectives for the assignment and where it fits in to your organisational strategy is important to help us define your needs effectively.
  2. When we take your brief, we also make sure we understand aspects to make the ‘fit’ right such as culture and approach as well as specific role requirements.


  1. We will short list potential managers based on relevant skills and experience and likelihood of a “cultural fit”. We understand the need for a quick turnaround and can provide this.
  2. Each proposed individual is pre-screened and briefed prior to ensure they have the right attributes and competencies as well as compliance documentation and clearances required for the assignment.

Go ahead

  1. When you’ve made a decision, we’ll take care of employment history referencing and other administrative requirements, working closely with you and the candidate to ensure a smooth onboarding, so that they are ready to add value from day one.
  2. You also benefit from a flexible and simple approach to contractual terms and conditions, negotiating the best deal for client and contractor.

Progress Management

  1. Your dedicated account manager will ensure the assignment is progressing as agreed with regular performance reviews and addressing any potential concerns.

Project completion

  1. Our job isn’t done until an assignment is complete and you are satisfied and will always ask you for your feedback on the process and management performance.

We want to be confident that all parties are satisfied with the outcomes, regardless of the contract duration.

If you’d like to learn more about why our approach yields great results, call 0207 127 6560 or email


If you have any questions, please contact us on 0207 127 6560, but these FAQs may answer your queries.

How much will it cost?

You will be charged a day rate depending on the assignment and the individual’s experience. If comparing to a permanent hire, you should include account national insurance, pensions, healthcare, holidays, bonuses, company car, PAYE and other benefits as well as the unique perspective and focus they come with.

What are the contract durations?

As long or as short as you require.
Largely dependent on the nature of the assignment or project and usually between 1 and 18 months.

What is the notice period?

One month

What is included in the fee?

• A daily rate regardless of actual hours worked, we do not charge for reasonable overtime.
• Travel expenses to and from the agreed place of work.
• Your dedicated TIME Account Manager who will oversee the assignment, conduct regular progress reviews and make live recommendations.

How flexible are you?

Totally, our business is committed to delivering your objectives, we understand this often involves changing at short notice and we will do our utmost to do this.

How long will it take the Interim Manager to get to know our business?

With our approach, Interim Managers are chosen because they have experience and expertise relevant your challenges, and we would expect them to be effective from day 1.